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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Keeping a simple perspective

I am not a numbers person. When I was in college I took probability and statistics 3 times until I finally passed by the skin of my teeth. However, sometimes it helps me to think of things in a mathmatical way. For instance, if I'm feeling guilty about something crappy I ate or a mistake I made with my daughter (which is quite often by the way!) I ask myself to look at the big picture. I might ask myself am I making MOSTLY good choices when it comes to my daughter?

When I'm struggling with life and wondering if I am doing the right things I picture a pie chart. I take into consideration the way I'm spending my time. If I were to draw a pie chart and drew how I am spending my time, does it look the way I want it to? If I'm spending MOST of my time complaining about something than I need to reevaluate my role in that particular situation. If I am spending MOST of my time with people who are not positive for me than I need to reevaluate my relationships.

This concept can be applied to food. Look at the food pyramid. It is far from a diet plan and yet it gives a great visual representation of how your diet should be. If you follow the recomendations for the food pyramid you will inadvertantly loose weight. Notice they use the word "sparingly" meaning moderation.

What about money? Is your money being spent MOSTLY on things that help you work toward your goals or are you wasting money on things that are not important?

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone needs to veer off the path occasionally so don't beat yourself up for a few bad choices. What matters most is that you are heading in the right direction overall. Sometimes stepping outside the box and taking a look at the big picture can help keep you on the road to your success.

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