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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My great trip to the mall!

I don't normally do the typical blogging of what my day consisted of. I think that what I normally do would be pretty boring to read normally but I had to share my morning with you!

I went to the mall this morning with Siena. I pulled into the parking lot expecting mass quantities of people and instead the lot was empty. What the heck?!?! Then I realized that even though I had put in practically a full day, the mall wasn't open yet because it was 9:55am! I went to Gymboree and returned a $50.00 coat that I bought Sienna (why I thought she needed a$50.00 coat, I am not sure!). Next, I went to the food court because I wanted something. I wasn't technically hungry or thirsty but I wanted a treat! I decided on a Starbucks grande gingerbread latte (no fat milk and only 2 pumps of the syrup, no whipped cream). It was $4.95! Almost as much as a lunch would be. So, I decided if I'm going to pay that much I might as well enjoy it. I sat down with Siena. Watched her play and savored the taste of my special treat! I looked at the beautiful tall Christmas tree all lit up and listened to the wonderful Christmas music.

Next, I walked into the Gap and immediately was told about the wonderful B1G1 free sweater deal! Oh, so hard to pass up! The sweaters were $34.95. That's not bad I thought. I picked out 2 sweaters I really liked (they were SOOO cute!) and was on my way to the register. I stopped myself and thought "do I REALLY need this?". Of course the answer was no, so I put them back and walked out of the store. I said to myself "that was a good decision! Good job!" (not out loud don't worry!) It actually felt very good to know I was being responsible with my money.

I left the mall with such a good feeling! Not because I had a hot outfit to wear tonight but because I was doing the right thing and had spent some quality time with Siena!

Why don't I do this more often I wondered?

So many times we are doing 10 things at one time and forget to enjoy all the many treats life has to offer! Remember to stop and smell the roses and count your many blessings!!

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