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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seeking a Natural and Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family?

Someone from up above must be trying to send me a message today. I turned on the t.v this morning and watched as Dr. Oz was speaking about fat substitutes and non calorie sweeteners. Then, I see on the news yet another recall of Tylenol. It really makes me wonder how and why we get into the habits of looking for quick fixes so often when it causes so much damage to our bodies. It's really scary, and what's even more scary is the habits we're teaching out children.

Let's talk about food first. Billions of dollars are poured into research of processed foods every year, yet obesity in adults and children is at an all time high. Does that make sense? It seems to me that if we slow down and truly enjoy nature's natural sweeteners then we really don't need to drink 5 cups of coffee with artificial sweeteners and can instead enjoy one or two cups with a little bit of sugar. Instead of 3 huge scoops of sugar free ice cream, why not enjoy 1 scoop of natural ice cream? We've created these habits of eating constantly and not working it off enough. Do we want to pass these attitudes and behaviors down to our children? I don't!

What about all the pain medications? It's the ninth time (in a year) that Johnson and Johnson have recalled Tylenol. Could it be that we are complicating our lives by trying to find quick fixes to our ailments (and our children's ailments) instead of using some natural remedies?

I believe everything in moderation is beneficial for my health and wellness, but I really wonder what our children and grandchildren are going to say about the things we consume and the lifestyles that we choose. I have a lot to learn when it comes to natural remedies and holistic medicine but it's looking more appealing than ever right now!

I am opening the door to any ideas and suggestions that anyone can throw my way on the subject! Anyone?

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