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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feeling lonely while home with a newborn??

It's very normal to feel lonely, sad or even CRAZY during this huge time of transition! First of all, remember that your life just did a 360. As wonderful as the experience of having a child is, it is a huge time of transition for many things. Your body has changed. Your hormones are raging, your job status has changed (even if it's only for the interim), the relationship with your significant other is different, there are increased pressure on your finances, and you are getting to know your new role as a mommy!!
There are many, many women who have been in the same boat as you and it can feel very overwhelming!

Follow these helpful hints to get you through your times of difficulty...
1. Get outside! Sunlight has been proven to help with depression!
2. Exercise! I know it's the last thing you feel like doing but just a little walk or an exercise video can make a huge difference!
3. Talk to friends!
4. Join a playgroup! Even if it's your first child and your child won't get anything out of will!! You may be surprised at how many playgroups there are if you look. Search for playgroups in your county online or talk to other mommies in your neighborhood. If you don't find any that your like, make your own!! You can start a group for $35.00 and can access calendars, message boards and pictures of your group!
5. Try to eat healthy! I know it's hard when you are having cravings or are simply trying to throw down whatever is easiest at the time. But try to eat mostly fruits, veggies, and whole grains so you are putting good gas in your engine!!

REMEMBER....postpartum depression is VERY real and can strike during pregnancy or up to a year after childbirth. If you are having the blues for more than a week or 2 seek help from a professional!!
Paula Padget Counseling and Coaching Associates is an excellent place to go for life coach/therapist in Chester County, PA. She specializes in women and depression and offers great tools to get you through difficult time. See her website for more details

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  1. this is great Toni! I had postpartum and took care of it right away! It's all hormonal and women need to know it's ok and there is help. Having a baby is definitely a life altering experience but a "well worth it" one!!