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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tracking babies eating and sleeping

I know whats it's like....Days are turning into nights and through your blurry vision you can't keep track of when your baby is going to be due for food or a diaper change. Sometimes, you need to let your pediatrician know how many times your baby is doing something in particular but it's difficult to keep track of the endless stinky diapers that cross your baby's bottom.

One easy way to help keep track of these essential things are the handy trackers on
http://www.thebump/ website. These are great date sheets for moms tracking patterns of sleeping, eating and many other things. They are also handy for passing on information to your spouse or babysitter of what your babies day looks like.

As we mentioned before, the ITZbeen baby care timer is a great device for timing your babies sleeping, eating, and anything else you need to track. See the earlier post for more information.

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