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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Giving up Gossip

I signed up for the free Inner Mean Girl 40 day cleanse This week I have been doing the gossip cleanse, meaning that I am staying away from gossip and instead practicing more positive talk. I actually don't think I gossip that much so it hasn't been too hard for me but it has made me think about what I say and do.
One thing I have thought about this week is how my gossiping (or lack there of) can affect my relationships with others. When I think about the people around me that gossip a lot, I tend to wonder what they are saying about me to others when I'm not around.

Also, I never thought of this before but Facebook is a breeding ground for gossip. Since part of my promise is to not participate in gossip, this week I starting hiding some of my friends that tend to gossip on Facebook. I read what's on my Facebook page every day and if I have gossipers writing every day then I am [in a way] participating in it.

Sooooo...what about my daughter? If I am gossiping, how will it affect my child? Well, if she hears me doing it, she will most likely begin gossiping in school or on the playground. Is that something I want? I would much rather my energy and her energy spent toward something positive and away from something that wouldn't potentially harm someone else. Will she start hanging out with others that gossip and maybe the kids who pick on other kids? Will her friends not trust her and think she talks about everyone? Hmmmm.

Do I occasional gossip? Yes, but this experience is really teaching me that gossip is no good and staying positive when I'm chatting with others leaves me with a much better feeling at the end of the day!

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