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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Greatest Tricks to Getting Your Child to Love Reading

Many parents struggle with getting their children to read, but it doesn't have to be a battle! First all, it should not be a battle and if you start to go down that road (an argument), make a u turn and try a different approach! Here are a few ideas to get you going!

1. Create a special 'Reading Time'. This is something fun you can do together! Read on your own while your child is also reading. First, ask your child to set a timer for a certain length of time (maybe 10 minutes). Next, have them find a "special reading spot" (under a table, behind a sofa, or anywhere they like!) Turn off any t.vs, radios, or phones that may distract. Finally, RELAX and enjoy your quiet time (although it may be brief!)

2. Read to your child. Keep books handy (in the library and in the car). Ask your child (with enthusiasm!) if they want to read "Hey Mary, would you like to read this book or that one? I bet this one is good!". Also, many parents create special times when they read such as before bedtimes. This creates a great reading habit for your child.

3. Go to the library. Children love to make their own choices. Offer them some ideas and help them find some books they enjoy. Although the library can be a little overwhelming, with some guidance it can be a great place for kids to find a love for books!


  1. Another thing I was always told was to never make reading a punishment! I've seen and heard parents do that and I think that really squanders a child's natural love of learning/reading. I also read somewhere too that if a child is really putting up a battle about reading all the time to find out why- it could be an issue with their reading skills that is slipping through the cracks at the school.

  2. Hi : ) Welcome to Philly Moms. I just read your introduction letter. My best friends daughter is named Sienna and we never meet anyone with that name : ). Your daughter is adorable for sure!

    Nice to meet you. Hope you have fun blogging.