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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Focus of the week: Karen Izzi

The person I chose to focus on this week is Karen Izzi, owner of the Peaceful Healer in Exton, PA. Karen provides a variety of beauty services as well as wellness services to her clients. Karen is actually not a mom, but I chose to spotlight her because of all the wonderful services she provides to moms of all ages.

I met with Karen at Barnes and Noble a few months back. Her ideas were enlightening and inspirational. She explained Reiki to me (since I didn't really know very much about it) and how it is a healing touch which balances the shockers in the body (something I'm sure many moms could benefit from). Karen also motivated me to give back to the community. She talked about how she encourages peaceful healing to those going through troubled times (including many troubled teens). She gives teens facials and creates a peaceful and loving environment. In addition, she offers wellness counseling which specialized in behavior, guidance, dietary needs, and lifestyle changes. It was so nice to have met Karen and to hear the positive ways she is giving back to the community. I am now motivated to create more of a consciousness about love and peace myself and with my family.

If you are interested in hostessing a massage party or visiting Karen for one of her services, call Karen for more information 484-889-8668 or email

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