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Friday, April 9, 2010

Enjoying your spa experience

Well, in case your husband doesn’t believe that you “need” a pedicure, tell him to read this!
I used to get angry when my husband would go golfing with his buddies. I felt like it was unfair since I never got a break. Then I started to think of things differently and realized that EVERYONE needs a break and I just need to make it happen for myself instead of being resentful.
Yesterday, after a very stressful week, I decided it was time for a pedicure! Ahhh…I escaped from the house (avoiding dinner and bath time) and did not feel at all guilty about it. As I sat down, I asked the lady for a magazine (as I always do). As I was sitting in the chair, I got to thinking. Was I really enjoying the moment??
Have you ever sat in a pedicure chair chatting with the nail technician or reading a magazine and before you know it it is over? I know that has happened to me! I challenge you to fully enjoy the experience of your pampering!
I closed my magazine and looked around me. The spa had their lights dimmed, soft music and a great massage chair. No children where screaming. The nail technician was awesome and the pedicure was great. After a long, stressful week of chasing two one year olds around-I really should be appreciating someone taking care of ME! These hard working feet that I’ve been on all week really do deserve a break and so do I…damn it! You know what? Because I had taken a little time for myself last night, today I was such a better, more patient mom because I had had a break.

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