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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding exercise for you while playing with the kids

For kids of any age:
Walk or run!! With kids of any age you can ALWAYS find a way to run or walk with them! Just get outside or find a large indoor place and start moving!


Even though babies don’t have a long attention span, you can throw different exercises in here or there and it will make a difference!
Do squats while they are in their bumbo or baby swing. Each time you get close to them make a funny face. To really add a challenge, squat then jump facing back then jump and face forward. After only a few of these you will feel it and the baby will love it!
Lift the baby in the air and then bring them close to your chest doing chest presses. Count to 10 then repeat!
Lay your baby on the floor facing you and do a push up over top of them. Each time you come down give them a kiss!
Dance around the house with your baby in your arms. Bend your knees and raise to your toes whenever you feel inclined. You’re baby will love the range in levels and you will get a great lower body workout!
Crawl with your baby. Once they start crawling they love it when you chase them on your hands and knees!
Sit your child on your lap and do sit ups. Depending on your child’s age you can adapt the sit up but you can find a way to make it work!

Just start moving! Babies love movement so start throwing some punches in the air or doing jump rope…they will love it (at least for a few minutes!)

Remember with kids, presentation is everything! If you present these activities in a fun way they will think it is fun! It also helps if you ask them, “Would you like to do an obstacle course or race me-YOU get to choose what we do! And you have all my attention!”

Obstacle course- I have made a bazillion obstacle courses in my day! On rainy days they are great for an inside activity and on sunny days they are great for an outdoor activity. Find things that you can go under, over or through. Once you come up with some ideas and add some obstacles such as chairs or jump ropes, then you can do it going the opposite way or do it while doing a crab walk. They can even do it going backward or hoping on one foot!
Races-You can race kids anywhere and kids love it! I don’t think I need to explain any more than that!! You can do races while hopping, skipping, rolling, crab walking…use your imagination! If you want to add a challenge, touch the ground at one point during the race!
Playing a sport – So you aren’t exactly the athletic type? So what? Anyone can learn to do kickball, basketball, or soccor. The best part is your kids may not know what the real rules are so you can make it up on your own! Remember to keep it simple and not expect a lot. If they want to make up a rule, let them make up a rule! Be flexible and let them have fun….heck maybe you will too!!! If you have a kid who is a little bit older ask them to TEACH you how to play (and make funny mistakes so they laugh and get to correct you!) Act like you know nothing so they have to teach you.

The trick to exercising with your kids is just to stop thinking about what you should be doing and start doing SOMETHING...anything!! Just start moving! Try to enjoy yourself when doing these activities! You will be surprised how easy it is (and how much faster your day will go!)

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