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Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Great Ideas for Rainy Day Fun!

1. Play with flashlights (or anything that has lights) in a dark room. Babies and children of all ages like this activity!

2. Have an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket and pack a basket (if you have one). Use you're imagination and include your children in on the planning. You can pretend to put bug spray on or wear your hats!

3. Treasure hunts. Nap time is a great time to get this activity together. Hide pieces of candy (or some special treat) around the house. You can even put a healthy snack your kid likes in a sandwich bag. Write clues to each hiding place making the clues age appropriate. This is another activity that is good for all ages!

4. Hide and seek. Good, old fashioned hide and seek. Do I really need to explain?

5. Take cushions or pillows off the couch and play with them. Put the pillow on top of your child and tell them you're going to "smoosh them like a pancake". For some reason children go crazy when I do this!

6. Bake something. Plan ahead and prepare as much as you can. Let your child stir, put ingredients in, or turn the oven light on and ask them to "check on it".

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