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Friday, May 21, 2010

How Do We (as Parents) Protect our Kids from the Negative Affects ofTechnology?

I remember the 80's when cable t.v first came out! 32 stations including 5 kids cool!! Not only can I watch cartoons on Saturdays mornings but I can watch them anytime I want! I remember my mom worrying about me watching too much cable t.v (in the confines of my living room) when I was a child. Now there's no where you can't access ANYTHING which makes our jobs as parents a little more difficult but definetly not impossible.

As a parent (at least until a child is 18) , we are responsible for keeping our children safe and healthy. It is OUR responsibility to make sure that not only are they staying clean, active, and healthy but that they are using their noggin to exercise creativity. As difficult as it is to keep tabs on technology and say no when "all their friends are doing it", it is necessary and they will thank you for it later.

Think about when you were a child. When did you discover the best trees to climb, your favorite hiding spot, or cool games to play? Most likely, it was when you were bored! Think about it. If you google the benefits of these activities on children's IQ or creativity, there will be an abundance of research proving the benefits of children playing independently without added guidance or accessories.

It is natural for children to want do things that are easy. But as a parent, we can set boundaries in our child's leisure activities that will encourage them to be independent and creative. Children may whine a little or complain but that's o.k (after all, they are kids!) But if we stand strong we will be proud of the outcome.

As I always say, everything in moderation. It is IMPOSSIBLE and unreasonable to think that your child should not have ANY technology. Lets be real here. What I'm saying is to monitor and assess situations and put focus on other activities (sports, walks, swimming, sledding, or games to name a few). With the help of your guidance and assurance, your kids will be jogging their creativity (and enjoying it!)

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