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Monday, May 3, 2010

Making the Summer Simple and Fun

It's getting close! Summer is right around the corner! Summer always seems to sneak up so fast and things can get a little crazy. Here are some ideas to help you avoid the craziness.

1. Plan, plan, plan. Sit down with your kids NOW and make a list of all the things they want to do this summer. This is actually a really fun activity itself! Try to think about what activities are realistic and within your time frames. Hang your list on the fridge so everyone can start getting excited for summer!
Call places ahead of time to see if you can purchase tickets in advance (I did this with the Easter bunny and it was great!) Remember how irritating long lines can be and plan accordingly.

2. Keep it simple. Having fun this summer does not have to cost a fortune or be anything extravagant. As I always say, presenting things in an exciting and fun way will get your kids excited too! Having picnics, learning to ride a bike, going to a stream, or visiting some friends are all free and simple activities that children love!

3. Budget. Set a budget for your summer activities. This will help you plan and if you have older children, this is a great chance for them to learn money matters. Give them a set budget and have them add up all the costs of activities. They will think that the starting budget is SOOO much money and then quickly realize how fast it adds up!

3. Be creative- Making a list of things is a great way to get all of you thinking outside the box. Write things on your list such as "learn to tie shoes", "give mom lots of hugs", or "make a music video". Make it silly and fun! This is an awesome opportunity to teach your children to appreciate things and not be materialistic.

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