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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blah Blah Blah of a Stay at Home Mom

My husband is very safety conscience and has a "better safe than sorry mentality" most of the time. As you probably know, I am much more laid back! My laxodasical attitude is fun and easy going (at least I like to think so!)
I often stick my tongue out at my husband (in my head) when he starts getting overzealous and I actually tell him he's CRAZY when he starts talking about Sienna wearing a helmet just to walk down the street. WHAT?!?!?
Well, I think my husband and I balance each other out well but I often wonder, what the hell is normal? Does everyone think that they are balanced and "normal"? People must think they are the norm or else they would not settle with their life if they didn't think it was acceptable? Right? Hmmm...
As I walk down our street I hear some people yelling in a house nearby. I never hear a peep out of the people that live in the house a few doors down. I see a family happily playing in the yard and again think to myself, Wow! There's the perfect family. They seem so happy.
It makes me wonder, what is normal and what is average?
My husband often says I put people on a pedestal and then get disappointed to find out they aren't as perfect as I had initially thought. So, does it even matter?
If I saw the private lives of people in my neighborhood, I may be surprised at how they live. But is the real question what is in their hearts? Or is the real question, "Does it even affect me?" Usually the answer is no-it does not affect me and my focus turns back to my beautiful family but I'm a stay at home mom so of course these things go through my head when the only interaction I get all day is from 2 one year olds who I can't understand except the words "mine" and "no!"
Well, I don't know if our family is at all 'normal' but I do know that this crazy house I live in (and the people who live here) make me happy and bring me joy on most days! So that's good enough for me!

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