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Friday, June 4, 2010

Making Goodbyes Easy

Does your children have a hard time leaving one place and going to another? Does it always seem like a HUGE production? I am a mother to a one year old and I also take care of 2 other one year olds. Sometimes, it takes every ounce of my patience just to get them down the stairs (could they be any slower?!) It sure isn't easy, but here are some ideas that just might help you.

1. Avoid the "good bye game". I know it's tempting to tell your child goodbye (even if you aren't really leaving). They might come with you this time, however, be careful. Sometimes this will work, but many times it will not. If one of those times are when your child is running toward a road or throwing a fit in a store, you will have a big problem. Your child will quickly learn that you won't really leave them.
To avoid this situation, only threaten when you really can follow through with your threats. Otherwise, you're child will think it's a game and want to play. Who wouldn't want to play a little chase? Don't chase if you don't want it to be a game.

2. Avoid long goodbyes. I know this is tough when you haven't seen a friend in a long time for example. But if you take 20 minutes to say goodbye every time you are leaving a friends house, your child will think "saying bye" really means "we're going to leave in 20 minutes".

3. Make goodbyes fun. Have your child give the host a hug or ask your child to be a special helper and carry something out the door. This will help take their mind off the fun they were just having.

3. Use 1-2-3 magic. This is a program that has been out for years. I started using it with children in 2000 and it really works when done correctly. Check out this article http://www.ehow.com_2106254_use-123-magic-discipline.html/ or buy the book, it's fantastic!

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