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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting Your Love On

Check out this awesome guest writer we have today!
Michele Paiva has worked as an author, radio host, yoga instructor, and wellness coach. I am so excited to have her share her ideas with my readers....hope you enjoy!

This is the time of year when though we claim to be festive more than ever, we are actually a society filled with increased depression, stress, anxiety and weight gain.

Lead with your heart, and get your love on...

Not love for others-you are probably focusing too much on making others happy right now and that is what got you into this mess (or what WILL get you into that mess!). Instead, focus on loving yourself more. Take yourself to the next level; instead of focusing externally focus internally. Transform your anxiety and stress to energy, and banish depression and combat weight gain with commitment to yourself.

Think about your past, and heal your childhood and relationship wounds so that you can activate undeveloped potential and increase your ability to cope, love yourself, and thus handle the holiday season with an embrace not a grimace.

It sounds elementary, and it is; but it is often overlooked. We say things like "make time for yourself" as if one need to schedule sanity into our hectic life....that shouldn't be the way it is! You should be focused on your time all the time, and make time for OTHERS!

Schedule others - yes even your children.

I am a homeschooling mother of two; one is in college, the other in 11th grade. I love them with all my heart but I also have boundaries, and those boundaries are respected and learned, and they too focus on helping themselves before reaching out to help another. I am all for that attitude.

Most people who are very at peace and happy with simple are able to walk away or deflect that behavior, but those who are less at peace, are more vulnerable to this, and so the cycle continues within themselves. When you focus on your own needs and meet them (and trust me, a lot men and women really need to not feel guilt on this one!) you will harness energy that is second to none.

When you are stressed or depressed you are not as strong, even immunity-wise, it is easier to catch a cold or flu, and to catch a "mood", in that I mean you will if stressed or depressed, be more likely to absorb someone else's negative emotions or cranky outlook, even their tension.

It's really all about focus.

One way to really show the day down, increase potassium (which is so important when speaking about stress) and give yourself some aroma therapy as a boost, it is simply to make this recipe. Share it with others but first, and foremost, have some for YOU!!
Michele's Oat-Pumpkin Autumn LOVE-ON....served warm ;)
A small can of pumpkin filling or puree
Three cups of oat milk (you may use more if you have more of a crowd, it will just be less thick but still packed with flavor)
A pinch of salt (I use ionized since I don't eat seafood much and I want to ensure thyroid health)
A pinch of Cinnamon
A pinch of Clove
A dash of Vanilla
Mix all of the above well and then put on stove on medium heat, stirring frequently, until steam rises.
Serve warm.
This recipe is healthy, increases focus and relaxation, celebrates the season, and it's a great way to show yourself a little love!
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