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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hosting a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

1. If you are expecting children to come to your house, be prepared for them. Have a small table, some coloring books and small toys (maybe from the dollar store), and be prepared for a noisy evening!

2. Prepare as much food as you can the day before (that's today if anyone is paying attention!) so that you can spend time with your guests. Many people think that being a great hostess means having the best food but the truth is, being a great hostess means being able to entertain them and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Remember, not everything needs to be fancy!

3. Delegate. People love to help out. Plan ahead and try to visualize how you can organize the day/evening. What will you need help with the most. If your children are little, ask someone to color with them (break out a Christmas toy early if you need to!) or hire a mommy's helper for a few hours.

4. Leave dishes. The dishes will not rot. A good hostess will let the dishes sit and spend quality time with the family. Better yet, use paper plates!!
5. Enjoy yourself. Relax and enjoy this special time with friends and family. Plus, happiness is contagious and your guests will feel more at ease if you are having fun!

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