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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cooking is fun!

Whether you enjoy cooking or not, I challenge you to embrace it! There's absolutely no doubt that cooking is cheaper and healthier than buying fast food or eating out. So, just do it!! Healthy eating is not difficult or may take some practice but it's simple and enjoyable!

I watched an Oprah show recently that talked about how Americans hate spending time and money on their food. We spend the least amount of money on food than any other country! What does that say about our priorities? Why isn't nutrition a priority in this country? Is it a priority in your family? If it is, than we MUST spend time preparing, cooking, and thinking about it! To me, that's easy because I love food! I think MOST people love food but most people have been programmed to think that our food must be deep fried, salted, or dipped in something in order for it to taste good. Fast food preys upon this American mindset and uses many happy faces, a fun environment and even fun boxees to advertise their junk food. McDonalds commercial says "I'm lovin it!" How smart are they? It can be very easy to fall into this mindset. However, we are adults and must not be fooled!!

I beg you! Embrace cooking in your kitchen and you will feel good about how you are nurishing your children and yourself. Enjoy the smells and take a taste every now and then. Play some music and have a glass of wine. Look through family recipe books, look for recipes online, or watch some cooking shows to get you motivated. Enlist the help of your husband or kids to help with clean up so you don't feel overwhelmed.

There are some great cooking shows to get you inspired on the food network and other stations as well. Check out the times they are on or dvr them so you can watch whenever you want (or whenever you can!)

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