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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Online playdate-feeling overwhelmed

I feel completely drained. The past week I have been doing everything for everyone else but me. I feel like a machine or a robot and have nothing left to give. How did this happen? I am usually pretty good about asking for help and making sure I get my me time but sometimes time slips away and then I have no energy to even care or think about me. Even if I go out for an hour, it's not going to help because I am totally burned out. Yes, I need more help. I have a list on our fridge of all the things we as a family need to do (my inspection, packing, fixing computer, etc.) but it seems to go unnoticed lately. Now I am avoiding my husband and and just giving him the fake smile but still letting him know I'm not happy. Yeah, I know this isn't the way I should be dealing with it but I am!!! Why can't he just realize what I need help with? I feel all alone.

I guess it's time to address my issues and stop feeling sorry for myself! The truth is that I haven't stepped up and said "I AM GOING TO THE GYM TONIGHT! Find some dinner for yourself." I become resentful when my husband goes to hockey practice but yet I don't assert myself to make sure I get what I need.

I know I'm not alone, how do I balance this juggling act we call motherhood?

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