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Monday, January 4, 2010

5 ways to get over the post holidays winter slump!!

Ugh...after the holidays can be rough! The excitement of Christmas morning, holiday parties, baking cookies with the kids, shopping like a crazy person, and all the other fun stuff that comes along with the holidays! It's bitter cold and we have only begun winter! Ugh!

Well, I challenge your "after the holidays slump" and encourage you to enjoy this time of year! I used to always say, "I am NOT a morning person!" and I lived up to my own expectations and was miserable every morning! Until one say I said, "why do I keep telling myself to be miserable in the mornings?" Don't get me wrong...I am not super cheery and energetic in the mornings now, but I do look forward to them! I am learning to embrace the moments in my day and look on the bright side. Every morning I have alone time with my daughter until she goes down for her nap and then have some quiet time to myself. This is a good thing and there will be a day when I miss these moments!

The winter time is a great time for quiet moments and self reflection. Take a moment every morning to take a deep breath, enjoy what's around you and pray to God (or whatever you believe in!) Picture how you want your day to be. Make it productive!!

1. Schedule times when you get together with friends (happy friends) OFTEN! Sometimes, time slips away if we don't schedule something so plan ahead, especially if you are at home with kids all day long!

2. Open up the blinds and let the sunshine in. The says are so short and we need all the sunshine we can get! Better yet, bundle up and get out for a walk!

3. Reorganize. Go through closets and get rid of things. It can be rejuvenating to let go of old junk and clutter! Experts agree that starting small is the way to go. Tell yourself that you're just going to spend a half hour on going through paperwork (for example). The key is getting started!!

3. Set some goals (see my goal setting article for more information!). The new year is a great chance for a fresh start and new outlook. Take advantage of the many choices that are available to you for succeeding in life. What do you want for the new year and how are you going to get it? PS. Rome wasn't built in a day...take baby steps!!

4. Exercise! Many people put weight on in the winter but many people do not. Which one are you going to be?? It's up to you!!

5. If possible, plan a trip to a warm place so you have something to look forward to! Download a picture of a relaxing, sunny place to your screen saver!

If you are having trouble for an extended period of time, seek help. Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real. There are many ways to treat it in order to help you feel like you can cope with everyday life again. Check out this website or seek professional help.

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