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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Encouraging children to make good choices

When correcting a child's behavior, it is important to encourage them to make good choices. Your child is who he is because of all the many choices he makes. If you label your child, it will be very easy for them to live up to that expectation. If your child does not seem very motivated, for example, never tell them they are lazy. Instead, point out that the choice they are making is not one that is going to get something done. If you call them lazy, they will fulfil that expectation and act lazy. If you tell them that they are responsible but not making a very good choice, they will begin to act responsible and hopefully make better choices.
Think about your own motivation. If someone is telling you that you are smart and talented, you will be much more motivated to do a good job. Children respond the same way and need encouragement through praise and support.

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