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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being your authentic self (while still being a mom!)

Can you be your authentic self and also balance mommyhood? Or do you give up your dreams til your children are older? Perhaps the answer is different for everyone. Every mom has a different journey. Some moms go to college out of high school and start a career then have children. Other moms juggle both. And still other moms put their dreams on hold til their children are older. Whatever path you choose, the important thing is to not forget about your goals and dreams.

1. Remember to take at least a half hour a day to do something just for you that's not related to the kids (or hubby).
2. Continue to talk about your plans and ideas with others to keep your inspiration alive.
3. Stay happy now. I realize noone is happy ALL the time but if you are truely not happy most of the time, that's a problem (and be honest!)

If you are staying home with your children and aren't happy, don't feel guilty. Not everyone is made for the job of a stay at home mom but that doesn't mean your not a good mom! It just means your talents may be needed somewhere else. If you can feel good about yourself during the day than you will be more patient and happy for your kids at night.
If you are working and aren't happy, I challenge you to make a change. I know it can be extremely difficult to give up a lifestyle that you are used to, but what is the cost if you aren't happy? You owe yourself the opportunity to at least look at your options and see what's out there. There are many grants and scholarships available to moms so look into your options and don't loose sight of your dreams!

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