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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Which Activity is Best for my Child?

We spend so much time guiding our children to find THEIR passion and figure out what they LOVE to do. Perhaps the answer isn't as hard as we think.
What do YOU love to do? I know, how selfish to think of yourself, right? LOL! You are reading this article to find out how to guide your child to something THEY enjoy? Well, stay with me here!
I love dancing. When I was a child I took many, many dance classes growing up and truly loved it. I spent so much time dancing in my kitchen while my mom was cooking and I remember making up countless routines with my friends in their basements. I danced in a college dance troupe and then after I graduated I somehow stopped dancing all together (except for the dancing I did at area bars to local cover bands but I won't get into that!!!!)
Anyway, I was always scared to sign up for a dance class as an adult because I felt old or I was afraid it wouldn't be challenging enough if it was all adults (Excuses! Excuses!) Finally, I signed up for an advanced jazz class at a dance studio down the street from me. It is SOOO awesome to be dancing again! But let me tell you, I am the ONLY person not wearing silly bands (or something sassy written on my butt) but I have fun anyway! At 33 years old, I certainly stand out like a sore thumb but who cares?! There are definetly times when I have to swallow my pride and force myself to go to class but after I go I feel so good when I leave!
Ok, I WILL GET TO THE POINT! My daughter may not be a dancer. She may not like dancing at all. She has lots of time to figure out what she loves (and what she doesn't love!) But if she sees her mom enjoying something, perhaps it will inspire her to try dancing (or try something else that she will enjoy!) If she doesn't like dancing, maybe she will enjoy watching her Dad play softball at the ball fields and it will motivate her to try softball?
Parents often think about wheather our child is talented in a certain area (my child is artistic or my child seems kind of uncoordinated) Often, the things that we like so much about certain activities isn't about how talented we are at them at all. It is the things that surround the activities (such as the smell of the ball field, the music we dance to, or even sharing memories with our family).
Moral of the story....Keep it SIMPLE, enjoy your passions and it will help your child find her passions!

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