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Friday, July 9, 2010

It's party time!!

Looking for some new ideas to turn a boring day into a fun one? Kids love why not have one? All you need is two or more people, some food (you can make any food fun!), and your imagination! Here are some ideas to get you started!
1. Prep your kids by building anticipation for the "fun party" or "fiesta" early. They will have fun thinking about the party and planning for it. Have your child make signs and decorations to hang on the walls.
2. Make food fun. Look through your cupboards and present snack foods in a fun way. Jello jigglers, sandwiches cut into shapes, and yogurts with sprinkles are all fun party foods your kids will love.
3. Take pictures. Kids love pictures so why not get out the camera and capture some memories? If you're using a digital camera, let your kids look at the pictures after you take them. (This is a great way start a scrapbook later on in the week!)
4. Dress up. Depending on the theme of your party, make getting dressed fun by picking an appropriate outfit for you and your child.
5. Have fun! Get down on the floor and play! Chase your child or watch a fun movie. Give your child some activity options then when the time comes for the party, give them your undivided attention. No cell phones, no cleaning, no interruptions!

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