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Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrate Life
Life is such a special gift that we often take for granted. We get so busy running here and there that we forget to appreciate the wonderful things life has to offer. Here are a few ideas to help you.

1. Take pictures but don’t feel the need to keep them all. Kids will remember special moments in their heart and it’s not worth you stressing over what to do with them (and having clutter in your house). Anyway, if you’re too busy trying to pose and find the camera, you just might miss an important moment!
2. Celebrate the anniverseries of deceased loved one’s birthdays instead of the anniversary of their passing. Who wants to remember such a difficult
3. Show affection. Kiss and hug often. Put your arm around your children and hold hands with your significant other.
4. Hang pictures of loved ones that are alive in your home.. I know this sounds bad but the pictures around your house should be MOSTLY of people who are alive instead of people who are deceased. I once went into someone’s house that had pictures of a deceased mother and paintings that she had done all around the house. Cherish your memories and remember those that have passed. I guarantee the person who has died would want you to focus on the lives around you.
5. Tell others how much they mean to you and how much you love them. I recently ran into someone that had made a huge difference in my life. She is a teacher and I worked in her classroom. She taught me so many invaluable lessons about children. When I saw her at the store, I talked to her for a brief few minutes and then we both went on her way. Later, I had wished that I would have told her how much of a difference she made in my life. I tried to find her by looking her up on the internet but I haven’t been able to locate her. The moral of the story is...let people know how much you appreciate them TODAY.
6. Own a pet. Pets offer a great way to appreciate life. They can show you affection and show you unconditional love. They can also be grounding because they are a responsibility that you must take care of.
7. Sun exposure is great for the body and mind. Open the blinds or go outside. Many recent studies have shown that Vitamin D (which you get from sun exposure) is very good for your health.
8. Have plants in the home. Living plants bring life and balance to the home.

Enjoy the moments. Today is a gift and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Appreciate your life and the lives around you every day.

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