Nifty vs. Thrifty

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does money control you or do you control your money?

Well, I am on my way! I am motivated and determined to save money! I was talking to my friend one day and it occurred to me that she never seems totally stressed out about money. So, I asked her about it. She explained that she does in fact get stressed about money but she keeps 3 months of living expenses for her family in the bank so that if an unexpected expense comes up (and it always does) she is not too upset since she has a cushion.
Well, this started my quest to get some control over my spending. A few things occurred to me during this quest.
1. Saving money is just a practice of self discipline. I have lost weight before so I can do this too!
2. My happiness is not based on "things". I took a long look at my husband and my daughter playing together and I realized what makes me truly happy....those moments are truly priceless.
3. Asking "What is a need" vs. "What is a want?" I tend to make this idea complicated sometimes but it really isn't. If I stay in my budget and give myself a few wants than I will be heading in a good direction for our family budget.
4. Buying something on sale or using a coupon does not mean I am SAVING money. If I use a coupon for something that is a true NEED than I am saving, but if I use it for a hot pair of heels I am not SAVING money-I am spending it!

Well, so far so good. It hasn't been the most FUN quest in the world but nothing that builds character is "fun". I have sat down with my husband to go over finances and I'm really trying to seek ways to spend our money differently and more effectively. I want us to take control over our money and not have money control us. Stay tuned...

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