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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear Mommy and Daddy

It's tough to be a kid sometimes.

When you talk about adult issues, I get overwhelmed and feel anxiety. I don't understand all that talk and I worry. When you are watching news or things like supernanny, I feel scared hearing screaming, yelling and mean faces.

I know I create a lot of messes but I am a kid afterall. I need your time and patience. When there are many toys available to me, I assume that I am allowed to play with all of them (and make a mess). Please take just a few toys out for me (and something that I haven't played with in a while is a huge plus!) If I take too many out, can you please help me put some back since I get so tired and overwhelmed?

I like rules. Rules let me know what I am allowed do and what I am not allowed to do. I get confused when you sometimes give me consequences and then sometimes you don't. I don't really know what's ok and what is not ok when you're not consistant. I know I cry when I have a punishment but I really appreciate how it helps me to understand (in a clear way) that I did not make a good choice.

I know there's times when I get frustrated but please don't yell at me. When you hover over me and yell I feel like you don't respect me and I tune you out. It just doesn't work.

I get tired easily. Sometimes you expect a lot from me. I don't mean to get whiney and fussy when I'm tired but sometimes I need you to remind me that I need a nap and put me down (even though I say I want to play!)

I need your time to play with me. I get bored easily. I know I can't have all your time but I do need some time with you throughout the day. If not, I will act out because I really want some attention from you.

It hurts my feelings if you tell me I'm bad. I'm really not a bad kid, even though I sometimes make bad choices. I want to be good and make you smile.

Sometimes I don't want you to try to explain why I shouldn't do something. Just telling me "no" in a firm voice (different from your normal voice) gets my attention and lets me know I did something wrong. This is easy for me to understand since I get overwhelmed when your trying to explain all kinds of stuff to me.

Even if I pull away or say "yuck!", I really do love your hugs and kisses so please never stop showing me affection!


Your little one

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