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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tools for preparing your weekly meals

It's favorite day to sit down and prepare my family meals for the week! Here are some tools I use that I find helpful.

1. Place all recipes in a 3 ring binder (or several if you need to!) Place all your recipes in clear plastic sheaths. This is great because you can easily put recipes into different sections, take them in and out easily and also wipe off any spills.

2. Put your WEEKLY recipes in the front pocket of your binder. This will allow you quick and easy access during your busy week.

3. Decide on your recipes for the week. Create a shopping list of ingredients from the recipes you have decided to prepare.

For a SIMPLE way to enjoy the MOMENTS...

After you enjoy one of your meals, write comments on the margin of the recipe. Write things such as "needed a bit more sugar" or "this was a bit tart". You can also write things such as "Pop Pop's favorite meal" or "made for Susie's birthday dinner". My mom records memories on her recipes and I love to look at her comments for a trip down memory lane.

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