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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple Fun!

What's one of the best things about having kids? Being able to be silly and immature again!! April Fools Day is a great chance to have some SIMPLE fun with your kids! As I always say, you don't have to be really clever or creative to pull off some pranks!
Here are some ideas to help you along:
1. The basic scare. Hide somewhere unsuspecting and jump out and scare someone when they least expect it. Check out the Ellen DeGeneres halloween scare on youtube-it's hilarious! . If it doesn't come up, search for Ellen DeGeneres Halloween pranks in the Youtube search box.
2. Get your kids involved in a prank on someone else (Dad or sibling for example) Move their car to a different spot than where they parked it (maybe down the street) . Get your kids involved in the action-they will love the suspense and the idea of keeping the secret!
3. Serve a plate full of something silly for breakfast. You could serve a pile of vegetables a dog biscuit, or some dirt.
4. Tell your kids (or spouse) that you are turning the cable off to save money. Beware this might be the most dangerous prank to pull off!
5. Watch the ultimate pranks of all time with your kids-
6. Fill their bookbags with something silly - You can use toilet paper or anything else you can think of!

Most importantly-have fun!!

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