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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is blogging all about and how do people find the time for it?

What is this blogging thing all about anyway? What mom has time for it and why?
There are many types of blogs. Blogging has become quite a phenomenon these days. A blog is actually very simple. It is basically just an internet page for someone to express their thoughts or ideas and can be done in a million ways. One way people blog is to have a page with family photos and updates for other family members. This is a great way to keep their family members who live far away in the loop. However, with so many people using Facebook these days, this has fizzled out quite a bit.

To be honest, I believe reading blogs is a guilty pleasure (but a pleasure none the less!) While people used to read opinions in newspapers and magazines, they now turn to blogs. Some people (like me) replace reading blogs with house cleaning!

If you are looking for a break in the day, Life Hacker is a great site full of shortcuts, websites and tips for everyday living (great for moms). There are so many other blogs related to sports, politics, exercise, and just about anything you can imagine. You just have to look for them.

About mommy bloggers…
Just like the rest of the blogging population, the internet is saturated with mommy bloggers. Many of these mommy bloggers have found quite a niche and a following. Many are quite bland (in my opinion). The most well known mommy bloggers provide product reviews, humorous stories, or have a certain focus. Some of these include (but not limited to) working mom, green mom, coupon mom, or home school mom. If you find a blog that you share a passion with, it can be very refreshing to hear stories or ideas that you can relate to. If you are a mom with a particular interest, try googling mommy bloggers and whatever it is you are into. You may be surprised to find out how many other moms share your interests.

There are a gazillion blogs out there and they are tripling every year. Starting a blog is a great way for people to express ideas. It can be annoying or boring to read someone else’s “opinion” but if you find someone's blog that you really respect and value their information, you may find it very appealing!

If you are interested in starting your own blog, don’t hesitate! It can be a great way to express your creativity and you can share it with as few or many people as you like. Check out or for free, easy ways to start a blog in the matter of minutes! Enjoy!

Do you want to take ten minutes of downtime for yourself to surf the web but hate how time gets away from you? Set an egg timer. You may be surprised how good you feel once you give yourself a little break in the day!

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